east bristol contemporary (ebc) is an artist-led gallery based at The Trinity Centre, Bristol, and established in 2016.

ebc seeks to counteract the lack of established showing spaces for grass roots contemporary artists in Bristol and to establish a unique and diverse programme of exhibitions and events. - ebc

More information about ebc can be found on their website

‘Lossy Navigation Through Digital Storedom’ is a research project to research the records and documents of East Bristol Contemporary. The project examines the infrastructure of a specific digital space, one which has built up through the accumulation and storage of specific documentation. I am hopeful that these items will, these items in the archives will, by identifying categories, making lists and creating records


digital and material limitations of producing images in this space ; image theory ; rearrange syntax ; laptop or desktop is main tool ; recording processes common to screen-based devices ; default settings to begin to what this digital space is, the syntax and coded language as well as digital storage formats and web navigation


the research catalogue holds copy information, code webpages, edit files and upload content. Though most of the archive content is digital, there is also a small physical archive stored onsite. From 001 to 020 exhibitions developing with residencies, graduate competitions and education programmes to visiting the gallery on the first floor, with a bright vaulted atrium next door to a hall resembling a kind of theatre, accessed by lift or spiral staircase, the space is varied. Without residing in Trinity Arts Centre full time, the gallery swims around its church architecture, high ceilings, stained-glass. Not nomadic, more like homing pigeons on a boomerang. What icons haunt these files? How do the producers populate the screens? Where is the aura in this digital register?

I am grateful to co-founders and directors Jack Lewdjaw and Karanjit Panesar for granting me access to the archive and would like to thank ebc for supporting this research.